Special Features

We allways encrypt passwords

You should note that if you send through anything called "password", it will automagically encrypt using bcrypt, unless you send the parameter password_override=1.

Reflection/navel gazing

The endpoint /model shows us all available models.

The endpoint /model/modelname gives us a description of a model.


The /cache endpoint should show us some info about the state of our Memcached server.

Downloading data as CSV

If you replace /api with /csv on an endpoint, you will get the data in comma-separated text format. CSV supports filtering, ordering etc, but it does not support linking related documents.

Soft deleting

Instead of deleting records from the database, we mark them as _deleted: true. In this case, the API will report them deleted if you try to GET them. If you need to see the deleted items, add ?showDeleted=true to your url. If you want to undelete an item, PUT _deleted: false to the record.